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I’m on a mission and that’s to reach as many other creative soloprereneurs around the globe + share with them on how to go about crafting + designing their own brand and visual vibes.

If you’re on the cusp of going big… you know, world domination, building an empire, or simply doing it in your quiet power – then you gotta create a brand that’s unstoppable and design your visuals that are unforgettable.

Care to join me?


Be Unforgettable

is a mini-power eWorkshop – designed for busy soloprenuers.

Learn at your own pace and craft your own unforgettable brand,

taking out the heartache + the headache of trying to figure it out yourself.



If you’ve been doing your thing for a while, serious about what you offer,

and committed to making it work,

you may need help with figuring out how to craft + design your brand and visual vibes.

Together we’ll make your dream into reality,

design your visual vibe show case your value and

change your life in the process…

If you’re feeling a bit lost and need some guidance as to crafting your thing.

I know what it’s like not to brand myself and what I offer,

and I also understand how powerful a brand can be.

It shows you mean business and you’re serious about what you do,

and that you care about your audience.

If you’re ready to make powerful connections,

take your business to another level and profit from what you offer,

I encourage you do visit: Kellie & Co’s Design School

– where you can learn to craft & design your own brand and visual vibes

of your dreams.

Kellie & Co’s Design Store – is coming soon!

For solopreneurs who are in a hurry.

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