Hi, I’m Kellie and I’m a teacher, mentor + dreamy brand wrangler.

I can teach you to craft + design an unstoppable and unforgettable personal brand.

No doubt you’ve noticed that reaching your audience; whether it’s your following or clients, requires us to increasingly be more unique, transparent and visual and if done properly, a brand can communicate + connect with the right people.

If you’re finding yourself nodding to this and thinking your brand could do with a dose of these, then welcome my friend!


Whether you’re simply starting out or you’ve been doing this a while and you’re at the cross-roads of your journey, you gotta craft a brand on solid foundations and one you’re super passionate about and stands the test of time.

Building a brand around you and what you offer isn’t easy – but it’s my mission to help you get where you need to be a little quicker, easier, and a little fun along the way.

If you’re a creative woman solopreneur who loves to craft your own content from start to finish, I have a few solutions for you.






Be Unforgettable

is a mini-power eWorkshop – designed for busy soloprenuers.

Learn at your own pace and craft your own unforgettable brand, while 

taking the heartache + the headache out of trying to figure it out yourself.



Over on the blog, I share the ins and outs of an entreprneur’s journey as well as crafting an unstoppable brand, these are a few of my latest posts are here.

Why you need to give a shit about your website

You know you’re special right? And you know that there’s no-one else in the world like you…or so you thought. It’s not until you get online and see that what you offer and what you do is not so unique after all. It can be disappointing and a real show stopper. I know...

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