My philosophy on building and craft a brand comes from my journey which has lead me here.

From starting out with my first design studio back 2012 without much of an idea or any strategies in place – I soon quickly realised I was slowly dying on the inside – the soul sucking projects I worked on where doing nothing but taking up my time and energy.

I look back now and call it Lost in Brandslation. I had no voice, no real idea on what direction I was going with my studio.

Then I discovered how powerful an unforgettable brand and visual vibes can be.

I’ve done years of research: implemented this over time, when I worked with my 1:1 clients as well as my own brand.

For over three years I worked with and helping other visionaries create what they wanted to see in the world through unforgettable design.

My Philosophy

I believe if you craft a brand that’s unstoppable and unforgettable – it just makes things a lot easier – not to mention more awesome!

Your brand is your ambassador to the world: Let’s make sure it’s communicating to the right audience.

I believe if you have a website that talks to the right audience then it’s doing what a website and brand it’s suppose to be doing with the Connect -> Capture -> and Convert factor: – but I like to spice it up a bit and call it the

WOW! Love and Convert factor


This shit is hard and

if anyone tells you otherwise they’d be lying

Hey I’m Kellie and I’m the chief dream wrangler at Kellie & Co.’s Design School.


And if you happen to here my funny accent now and again, I’m a kiwi [aka New Zealander – not the fruit! nor the flightless bird – just a different kinda bird winging her way around the globe and

I’m on a mission:

I flipped the tables on my business model during 2016 and thought it’d be waaaaay more fun to offer some guidance to those who want get on, not be chained to their website and spend wasted hours tweaking to “get it right”, so they can be in their superpower and actually create a business + brand with



Welcome my friend, come and join me and my community – who, by the way, are the ‘Co’ in Kellie & Co.

Warning – heads up alert:

This isn’t for you

* if you play by the rules,

* if you want to be liked by everyone

* if you think being and doing like everyone in your industry is what will do it for you

But the good news alert:

This Community is for you

* if you want to get out of your comfort zone,

* you secretly desire to be a trailblazer and even renegade

* You’re not fond of the rules and you’re even be prepared to give the middle finger solute to them once in a while

* If you’re planning on building an empire and even world domination, and don’t have any plans on looking back

But you just simply need to craft a brand and design visual vibes to boot and that’s why you’re here.

I may have a few solutions for you.

Be Unstoppable + Be Unforgettable

Kellie & Co’s Design School offers a self-paced eWorkshops that will guide you through crafting an Unforgettable Brand 

And soon to come will be on offer self-paced walk-through on how how design your own stunning visual vibes.

And as if I’ve got nothing on my plate, Kellie & Co’s Design Store will be opening up a little later in the year [2017] and in there the’ll be a few  yummy products for those solopreneurs who just simply need something in a hurry.

Over on the blog I talk about crafting an Unstoppable Brand because at the end of the day we need to create a something that we’re passionate about and what we believe in; craft it with a purpose so we can touch on other peoples’ lives and earn what we’re truly worth and make it with some profit.

Come + hang with us
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If you happened to have clicked that baby away before now – don’t worry it’ll come back if you hang around a little while.

Shine on & stay being beautiful!


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