Most of us know by now, that targeting to anyone and everyone doesn’t work and that talking to everyone means talking to no-one, and the more you break down your target and niche markets for you, the more you will attract your dream client.

So, how on earth do you really hone in and speak or blog to your client?

Let’s start with establishing the differences between a target market, a niche market and a dream client.

Target market is a group of people of whom you want to market to. This is the broad part of the spectrum for example – age, sex, location.

Niche market is narrowed down from your target market and considered primarily by occupation. For example coaches, accountants, small biz owners.

Ideal client is getting more specific than from the niche and target markets and once you do your research you will get to know them at a deeper level.

At this deeper level you can get very specific who your dreamy client is. To help create your ideal client you could think about the real nitty-gritty of who they really are.

Think about creating a person, with an age range between 10-15 years, male or female, and based on certain statistics. You can also include their hobbies, where they hangout on social media – is that LinkedIn or Facebook or both?

So to help you think a bit more about your ideal client [or get more acquainted with an existing one] here is an example of my dreamy client.


Meet Eugene Salmon

Eugene is an entrepreneur, she’s approximately late 30s to early 40s and runs a small business [with a virtual team]. The problems she faces are to do with her biz and in particular wants to learn more about building it through online marketing. She is super busy and realizes that she needs to know a lot more about this and building solid strategies for her online presence. She therefore sees the need to team up and have a brainstorming session with someone who will have look at her online presence objectively.

She is designed-challenged and will need someone to design her new eBook [god knows how she found the time to write it – but she did it].

We will also look at her website Turning Pro [you can check out my meaning of this here]. She knows a few things are wrong but doesn’t know entirely how it can work for her and desperately needs a website strategy.

So why did I give her a name?

By giving her a name meant I know her on a deeper level and represents certain characteristics that I look out for too.  A few characteristics you may want to consider can include

  1. What are her values and business ethos?
  2. Has she just started her biz or has been an entrepreneur for a few years?
  3. How does she like to work? Via email, over skype or uses the phone?
  4. Does she like planning her day or week her to do list or does she fly by the sole of her shoes.
  5. What does she do online? Does she hang out in Facebook groups? Read blogs? And sign up to emails?

Keeping Eugene in mind assures communicating a lot clearer and easier for when I am marketing, networking and even blogging.

Hone in on your ideal client because it will certainly help when you know who you’re talking to.

Believe me when I say that it will be a challenge for everyone if you’re selling nappies and they need guidance for their teenager.

Would love to here if you have a name for your ideal client – leave a comment below and share if you have honed in on your dreamy client.

With gratitude and grace,





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