As a biz owner you don’t need to love all parts of marketing – there maybe are some marketing techniques that may not resonate with you. Some strategies just make you feel plain exposed. But I want you to find your authentic marketing spot and discover what resonates with you and what feels right for you.

As a biz owner you want to stay true to yourself. You want to be transparent and authentic.

It just doesn’t feel right when someone tells you to go down their tried and true path you then you realize it’s not for you. It makes you feel super uncomfortable and as a biz owner you know marketing is necessary and it simply has to be done but their method isn’t doing it for you.

What is authentic marketing?

Authentic marketing is about you, staying true to your brand, your biz and believing in your why and what you stand for.

Marketing is not about changing people’s minds – it’s not about selling. It’s about sending your messages and telling people how you help them.


How to integrate authentic strategies into your marketing 

So maybe you find face to face networking uncomfortable think about alternatives like online networking. Not only will this boost your confidence to mingle with others but you get to interact with other people and other bizs.

Or perhaps blogging for biz isn’t cutting it for you – then try online and offline networking. Are there groups on Facebook or LinkedIn that your peers or your potential clients are hanging out?

But whatever you do ask each person the same three questions to do with your industry & your biz. What are their fears, their challenges and goals to do with your biz and relevant in your industry?

Write blog posts around these questions and ask your audience. Or ask these questions when networking face to face. Note what people’s responses are. What was their feedback? Is their common misconception about your industry?

When I first started in biz I found the quickest way to earn some money and get established as an entrepreneur was to offer some virtual assistance work to other bizs. Along this journey I discovered that not many people knew what a VA was. But every time I spoke to people whether it was blogging or networking online or offline there was always someone who said “I didn’t know about a VA but I need you!” or there would be an email in my inbox the next day asking when we can start.

I learned that asking questions to one person meant that I could answer questions to future people I would meet. I was better prepared to answer almost anything in my industry which meant I was confident in my marketing and my messages.

Marketing is about sending out authentic messages and that certain people will sit up and take notice. I say certain people because not everyone will need you or your biz or they may not need you right now.



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