Ever feel like sitting down and writing a blog post is such a chore? I want to share how magazines can have a much more of an impact for you, in more ways than you think.


The titles that we see on the front covers are what works. They’ve been tried and tested and approved by Editor of the magazine and they obviously work. Instead of stealing the actual headline use the keywords they have used. Here’s what I mean – take this heading on the Marie Claire cover.

5 rows you’ll have after having a baby (& how to get through them)

Instead try this: 5 xxx [insert your subject/industry pains] you’ll have when having/doing/being xyz [insert another pain point here] (& how to get over it/over come/ deal with it, etc).

You will also notice most of their headlines are positive – even though they may address a problem but they provide a solution for their audience + how to overcome the problem.


Typically the front cover has a distinctive font plus one or two different fonts. For the magazine to be consistent [yep they need to use the same method we do and earn trust with their audience] the magazine will use that font in a different colour and size. This is not to only emphasis a main story, but provides a variety, distinctive character and make it a little more exciting to jump out for the reader.


My biggest tip for this one: 
use high quality awe-inspiring images.
Use free-stock-photo businesses like
unsplash.com if you have no budget 


Your audience will more likely share and like awe-inspiring, distinctive images from your blog posts and social media.

And take a note next time you come across a magazine rack – stand for a moment and notice which magazine stands out for you? Ask, why does it stand out? Is it the subject or hero? Could it be the title? Or maybe the colour?

Let me know in the comments below if you have a #1 resource you like to turn to – I’m always open to new ideas.


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