Brand Moodboard inspiration-Kellieandco

Lemon & blue patterns from the Vintage Paper Collection at Creative Market here


I’m a true believer of standing up and playing your own game. We have to. Otherwise we follow other people’s lead… and we just blend in.

I remember when a client said to me once, “no body listens to a wall flower.” And she was right.

We have to stand out, stand tall. And choosing any old run-of-the-mill colour is not standing tall.

So if you’re tired of your brand looking same old. Try these gorgeous vibrant colours.

This Brand Moodboard is the first of a series for updating your new year new look with a fresh lemon, aqua and deep navy blue theme.

I love putting mood boards together with the textures, colours and elements all making up a scene. This creative process was kicked off with the lemons from and inspired by summer that’s coming up for us who are down under.

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