Who doesn’t love a BEFORE & AFTER story?

Recently I was sitting with Brigid over a coffee in a Skype session. But something didn’t feel quite right; I was thinking this girl has fabulous energy! She’s vibrant, funny, sporty, and a real go getter.

But it was when I was on her website, something wasn’t ringing true here. Her branding was all out of alignment and it just wasn’t matching up with who she is and what she is offering. And to be frank, her website and brand ‘vibe’ felt like she had stepped straight out of corporate.



Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We’ve got to start somewhere.

It’s often when we’re new in business we turn to what everyone else is doing and we tend to follow along.

When it comes to branding our biz, we learn that we must have a logo, a business name and a few colors.

Granted, yes we still need these. But what we don’t learn or even know how to is create a brand from scratch.


There’s a difference between Brand and Branding.

Branding is you and your business’ identity. It’s a visual representation of you and what you stand for. It consists of your logo, colors and a tagline and these are the physical elements of your brand.


However, your Brand is so much more. Though it does comprise of these visual elements, but it also requires you to communicate your why, what you stand for, what your mission is, what your values are, who you serve.


So when we first set up business what we don’t learn learn is to brand from the inside out.


What does Brand from the inside out mean?

Almost two years ago, I came across Simon Sinek’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Start with your Why. He poetically explains how many biz’s fall flat with their marketing messages or their advertising. But he also goes on and talks about how Apple have the reverse order of doing business and starting with their why.


I’ve taken this concept and built something similar into my Brand Coaching sessions to help my clients create a brand from the inside out.

We may not learn how to start a biz brand from the inside out, but what we should do after a year or two is review our brand.


Ask these questions when or if you find that you are at this point

  • what do you stand for
  • who do you serve
  • what is your mission – in life and in biz
  • and what are my values?


Then integrate the visual elements that portray these messages and they will certainly help you grow a true and authentic brand.


Are you at the stage of branding or rebranding?

Let me know in the comments below what it is that you are struggling with?

With gratitude and grace,







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