Brand Moodboard Lemons & Blues

Brand Moodboard Lemons & Blues

Brand Moodboard inspiration-Kellieandco

Lemon & blue patterns from the Vintage Paper Collection at Creative Market here


I’m a true believer of standing up and playing your own game. We have to. Otherwise we follow other people’s lead… and we just blend in.

I remember when a client said to me once, “no body listens to a wall flower.” And she was right.

We have to stand out, stand tall. And choosing any old run-of-the-mill colour is not standing tall.

So if you’re tired of your brand looking same old. Try these gorgeous vibrant colours.

This Brand Moodboard is the first of a series for updating your new year new look with a fresh lemon, aqua and deep navy blue theme.

I love putting mood boards together with the textures, colours and elements all making up a scene. This creative process was kicked off with the lemons from and inspired by summer that’s coming up for us who are down under.

Discover the reason why I don’t want people to outrightly buy my latest workshop…

Discover the reason why I don’t want people to outrightly buy my latest workshop…

You read that right. I don’t want just anyone to buy my workshop that I’m running in a few months.

Why? If you are building an online brand – read on and you will discover why.


So throughout last year [2015] I spoke with many solo-entrepreneurs about crafting and writing an ebook either to sell or as their opt-in freebie. And do you know what kept being repeated back to me, and why their eBook was on the back burner? It was because they said [and a vast majority were saying the same thing], I don’t have any branding.

So that came as a surprise to me.

But then I noticed the clients I was lucky enough to work with didn’t have their Brand in place either.

These clients knew exactly who they serve, what their purpose is, their vision and their mission as well as their branding – logo, colors and fonts. Great! Or so I thought.

And these established gorgeous clients had me baffled as well.


Why have they not got a Brand Style Guide?


For years I worked in corporate and in each and every company I worked for, each and every one of them had a Brand Style Guide.

So what is a Brand Style Guide?

Basically, a brand style guide for a corporate business tells it’s employees what the company is about. What their story is. Th guide usually dives into the history of the business, how it was established and who were the company founders.

The brand style guide explains how they’ve established themselves in the market and who they serve. It can also explain the company’s philosophy and the meaning behind their tagline and what they stand for.


Here’s an example:


Canon’s main principle is ‘Kyosei’ – which means all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.


A Brand Style Guide would dive into the details of their branding and elements. And for many companies, it would stipulate for their employees and suppliers what they can and can’t do with their logo. The guide provides the exact color details, such as the CMYK, RGB and Hex Codes are and which fonts should be used. Corporate businesses are very particular about what employees and anyone for that matter, and what they can and can’t do with their logo and their identity (and I understand why).

So that got me thinking some more!


Why don’t online solo entrepreneurs have a Brand Style Guide too?

It didn’t make sense!

It’s super easy to forward a PDF document off to each supplier when they outsource, rather than send a ton of emails with their logo in one, and who their audience is in another.

But it’s not only about that, as I believe a Brand Style Guide is so much more.


So I introduced last year with my 1 on 1 clients on creating and designing a signature brand.

We worked on how they wanted to show up online. And to gain even more clarity, I took them through a step by step process of understanding:-

  • their purpose in order to understand who they serve
  • what their vision is – where they were heading
  • who they are (this one was a biggie) because apparently adding more of “you” into your brand is a lot hard than one might think, and
  • adding voice to this as well.

You could almost compare the whole brand styling process similar to a wardrobe stylist like Rachel Zoe. Loving that!


Creating and designing a Signature Brand is now more achievable

This powerful booklet saves hours upon hours trying to figure out a style and how you ‘should’ turn up online.

Why – because keeping a consistent look and feel throughout your website screams you being a professional, and that’s what you’re about and you take your business seriously.

So for 2016, I want to take this as my purpose, my vision and with my message:

I’m going to make designing and building an online brand so much more easily accessible and especially to those who need it the most

And by doing this, I’ve kickstarted the new year with a Brand & Website Challenge…Am I Your Client?

It’s for heart-centered entrepreneurs who would love to focus on:- 

  • what their character style could be
  • their mission, their vision and
  • their voice.

It is then working through this and they have gained more clarity as to where they’re heading with their business, we can then finalize their brand identity and dive into their branding elements in the live virtual workshop.

Wishing you an adventurous and successful 2016!




Brand Love Story | Brigid Ward

Brand Love Story | Brigid Ward

Who doesn’t love a BEFORE & AFTER story?

Recently I was sitting with Brigid over a coffee in a Skype session. But something didn’t feel quite right; I was thinking this girl has fabulous energy! She’s vibrant, funny, sporty, and a real go getter.

But it was when I was on her website, something wasn’t ringing true here. Her branding was all out of alignment and it just wasn’t matching up with who she is and what she is offering. And to be frank, her website and brand ‘vibe’ felt like she had stepped straight out of corporate.


3 crucial things you should know before hiring a web developer, before hiring a web designer


Are you thinking of getting a new website? Perhaps you are thinking about hiring a web developer to help?

Recently, I’ve been talking to a load of women in business and many seem to be at that stage of either about to renew their website or they’ve already invested in a new website…but have been a little disappointed with a few things. So I wanted to share 3 crucial things you probably ought to know before hiring a Web Designer.


How to attract your ideal client

How to attract your ideal client

Most of us know by now, that targeting to anyone and everyone doesn’t work and that talking to everyone means talking to no-one, and the more you break down your target and niche markets for you, the more you will attract your dream client.

So, how on earth do you really hone in and speak or blog to your client?


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