Recently I came across a news item of a very special girl with a very special story. Her story is one that started with an injury and a battle to overcome the odds and to prove the doctors were wrong.

She found the doctors saying ultimately she will never have the use of her leg again, but that hasn’t stopped her.

Her latest story reached headline news as the first woman swimmer to achieve a lonely 17 hour swim from Farallon Islands to San Fransisco.

But it wasn’t so much the story that beckoned my attention. It was what this young woman said [and what she lives by]

“it’s the fear that drives me”

As entrepreneurs we often come across fear, it’s normal and it happens. I think in order to over come it we need to acknowledge it for was it is. And it’s how we deal with it is what sets us apart.

Sometimes we just need to acknowledge the fear in order to move on.

As an ex-competitive swimmer I found myself saying under my breath, “I would rather face that kind of fear any day than half of the fears I’ve encountered this year”.

And it was then I realised I have faced fear, overcame and conquered it and many times this year.

And I can quite happily say fear is what also drives me. It’s what pushes me beyond the comfort zone – it’s like the Universe testing us to see if we really want whatever we set out to achieve.

Building a brand online isn’t easy. The fear of judgement, the fear of looking, sounding, and acting like a douche can easily stop us in our tracks.

But if you’re honest with yourself, stay true to who you are and remember your why and accept fear is part of the journey that most of us face – it’s how we deal with it is what matters.

Let it propel you and make you strong. You just never know what lies on the other side of fear.

With gratitude,




If you’d like to know more about the young woman is in this story – check out KimSwims.

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