My philosophy on crafting a brand comes from my over 4+ year online journey.

From starting with my first design studio back 2012 without much of an idea or any strategies in place – I soon quickly realised I was slowly dying on the inside – the  projects I worked on were doing nothing but sucking up my time and energy.

I look back now and call that lost in brandslation. I had no voice and no real idea on what direction I was going with my studio.

But over this journey I’ve researched, learnt and implemented with my clients and for my own brand. And what I discovered was how powerful a brand can be.

I believe:

I believe, if you craft a brand that’s unstoppable and unforgettable – it makes things a lot easier, more powerful and you’re certainly much more in control – not to mention more awesome!

Your brand is your ambassador to the world:

you gotta make sure it’s communicating + connecting to the right audience.

building a brand online is hard + if anyone tells you otherwise, they’d be lying

Hey I’m Kellie and I’m the chief dream wrangler at Kellie & Co. and I’ve started a movement.

I’m on a mission:

I flipped the tables on my business model during 2016 and thought it’d be waaaaay more fun to offer some guidance to those who want get on be in their zone more often and not be chained to their website. If you are a creative soloporeneur who finds you’re spending way too much time tweaking your website trying “get it right” and desires to have more freedom to be in the zone, to be with family and actually have a business and brand with:


you are in the right place.

If you’re smiling + quietly nodding to yourself


Welcome my friend, I have a few solutions for you.

Whether you’re on the cusp of building an empire, world domination or simply want to do it in your quiet power, and you don’t have any plans on looking back, come and join me and my community.


I hear you ask.

First you can sign up and dive into:

the Inspired Bloom Library 

The free library collection is for you to learn how to build an unstoppable brand, whether you’ve been doing this whole entrepreneur thing for 4 minutes or 4 years, you gotta build a brand on a few important principles.

The free eWorkbooks + other goodies in there will help you craft out some brand foundations. This is critical to business growth and most people PAY brand strategists to take them through this brand mapping process. ME? I’d rather give it away. 

What I share in the library are few things you need to know BEFORE you start designing or crafting any piece of content.

And when you’re ready to figuring out your brand style and visual vibes and

making it “more you”, my self-paced eWorkshop that will guide you to:

Craft your brand to Be Unforgettable

Over on the blog…

I talk about crafting an Unstoppable Brand because at the end of the day, we need to create a something that we’re passionate about and what we believe in; craft it with a purpose so that it touches on peoples lives and earn what we’re truly worth and make it with profit.


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Have a feeling you’re not the only one?

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Shine on & stay being beautiful!

PS: if you happen to here my funny accent in somewhere around here, I’m a KIWI – aka New Zealander – not the fruit! nor the flightless bird – just a different kinda bird winging her way around the globe.

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