Brand Love Story | Brigid Ward

Who doesn't love a BEFORE & AFTER story? Recently I was sitting with Brigid over a coffee in a Skype session. But something didn't feel quite right; I was thinking this girl has fabulous energy! She's vibrant, funny, sporty, and a real go getter. But it was when I...

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What is your unique awesomeness?

It can be disheartening that everywhere you look there is a growing number of businesses online.  And this overwhelming number seems to creep up by the day in your own industry and niche and it can give the impression competition is fierce. But often it can be a...

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How to attract your ideal client

Most of us know by now, that targeting to anyone and everyone doesn’t work and that talking to everyone means talking to no-one, and the more you break down your target and niche markets for you, the more you will attract your dream client. So, how on earth do you...

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