Wow! Talk about an adventure for 2015. There’s been bumps and hurdles that have meant that I had to tackle so many things that stretched me beyond my comfort zone. Sound familiar?

I’ve learned so much throughout 2015 that I felt I wanted to share. Perhaps you’re building a brand online as well and trying to figure it all out, let me start by saying you’re not alone.


I used to worry about the small stuff and spend countless hours working on Facebook, social media, search engine optimisation – striving to be on the first page of Google and unexpectedly finding myself quite competitive, didn’t even know I had it in me.

But 2015 brought out the best in me as I no longer worry about these for my business.


I’m ok with the numbers for my business

I’m ok with the numbers for my business – the size of my email list, the number of likes on my Facebook page. The only thing that matters to me is that I create value. Valuable content, valuable lessons and teach valuable workshops.

I no longer worry about the people who opt-out off my email list – as I now believe it leaves room for those who want it.


I’m ok with sitting in front of video

Though it’s very hard to believe even in 2014 I felt icky just in front of a still camera. But now I’m so ok with video because it’s not about me it’s about the message I want to share with my audience and community.

What really matters to me is that I create value, I create a soulful community of other entrepreneurs that want or need support, teachings, and connections that I offer.

The new year ahead I want to offer online and live virtual workshops as I want to share with other entrepreneurs and empower them to amplify their brand from the inside out. I want to show, teach and share with them possibilities of an enriched life and online business through creating, building and designing their own brand.


I am comfortable with the brand I’m in as I exhale at the end of 2015

And in 2016, I will continue to feed my insatiable appetite for knowledge and will share and teach others what I’ve learned in business and personal development.

It’s not about hierarchy in business [who’s a guru and who is not] it’s about people standing before me and people standing behind me when it comes to where we’re at in our lives and in business. Some have more experience and some need the experience in order to get us moving forward and accomplishing our dreams.


There’s been all sorts of adventures in my business life throughout 2015, so now I want to share some practicalities with you – perhaps to avoid or perhaps for you to dive in further – it’s really up to you.


I wrote and developed an online course in June, The Branded eBook Bootcamp. It started out as a one-day Bootcamp and entailed 4 emails throughout the day that course members would receive. It involved instructions and a workbook to create a pdf eBook opt-in offer. Simple – yes – perhaps too simple. But as “they” say start before you’re ready. Now I really understand that!

So I launched it one month later – only to discover no-one signed up! I opened the doors to the sound of crickets. Which by the way reminds me when I first opened the doors to my website a few years ago only to discover crickets – again! “Open the doors and they will come” is something we should all learn because in reality this doesn’t happen. As Jeff Walker calls it “hope marketing”.


I then went on another “lessons of an online business” – thanks to Jeff Walker and his free video series, “Profit Launch Formula”. His advice makes sense. Give your audience snippets of what you offer and make it irresistible. Hmmm sounds familiar.

He also recommends video and doing webinars are the surest, quickest way to grow your audience and develop the ‘know, like and trust factor’.


This meant I had to dive into unchartered territory and my biggest fear was to sit in front of the camera and do video. Initially, the very thought of that made me want to ‘’pass-out”. But I had to do it to get where I am today. It’s not about me it’s about sharing and making  connections to those who stand behind me who are searching to learn more.


With that in mind and with confidence + more certainty of what I want to offer.

I’m ok with the camera – though the camera and I don’t often see eye to eye. After all, if people judge in a not so positive way – it’s more on them and what they are going through in their lives.

I’m ok with social media – as I choose not to do what everyone else is doing. I only focus on the social media outlets that are aligned with my brand.

I’m ok with blog posting – as I have found my voice. With confidence comes a clearer voice and with a clearer voice comes clarity.


Wonderful things happen when you stop looking around

I have finally found my passion and purpose – as I am the kink in the chain that allows others to define their brand online.

So as we sit on the cusp of 2015/2016. I’m incredibly grateful for what has happened over the last 12 months, working with clients, creating strong connections around the world. And because of that, it’s just simply made me stronger, surer and much confident going in the new year.

One of the pillars of my brand is to allow design more accessible to people who need it and therefore, I will be offering more focused workshops teaching and sharing with others on designing and amplifying a brand from the inside out.

Here’s to abundance and success for 2016.

With gratitude,








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