It can be disheartening that everywhere you look there is a growing number of businesses online.  And this overwhelming number seems to creep up by the day in your own industry and niche and it can give the impression competition is fierce.

But often it can be a stumbling block when we start taking a look around at the competition and what others are doing in the industry. Then the internal debate takes over and we find ourselves asking, how can my business stand out online?

So how does a business be unique and stand out online in the ocean from what seems like an insurmountable competition? What does it take to shine the light on your business?

My answer is quite simple. Add more you and your awesomeness to your brand.


You are unique so therefore your business is unique.

There’s no one else like you in the world. You have your own personality, your own heart and your own mind.

When you start integrating more you in to your business (and not doing what everyone else is doing) your business will start to shine and that light will shine even brighter when you do.

So how do you add more unique awesomeness?

  • Share your story. Share your why – why are you in business. How are you making a positive impact to the world?
  • What defines you? Share with us on your website your beliefs and values and include them in a business manifesto.
  • Why do you do business for your customers and why are focused on your industry and niche?



With love and grace,








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