One of your website goals [and I hope you have many] should be to convert your audience into prospect Red Carpet Customers by asking for their name and email. You want to stay connected with them so they can ultimately grow the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor with you.

Capture your Dream Clients by asking for their name and email.

You may have a freebie eBook or a series of emails that you’d like to give in return for their email. But no one seems to be leaving their name and email with you and you’re stumped as to why.

Scrap that dirty little word

I see all too often “download MY eBook” or “sign up for MY freebie.” It’s the MY word that is killing your website goal – get rid of it and hit it out the ball park baby! It’s not doing anything for you and your audience.


It’s not you it’s about them.

Your audience and prospect customers don’t know who you are, so really, why should they give you their email?

Unless you’re someone as famous as Pink or a Super Biz Rock Star [and most of us know who Pink is and would give her our email address in a milli-nano-second], I have to encourage you to get rid this little word.




Instead, choose words that encourage prospect red carpet customers and will have them giddy with delight. Your freebie should solve a problem, or your cheat sheet will help cut some corners – ask yourself what do they want to achieve? What do they desire? What do they hope to get solved from your freebie?


Perhaps you can help them with super efficient time management techniques and they can “add 2 more hours into their 12 hour day?” Well then tell them that, instead try something like “Download How to be Insanely Productive! Discover how you can add two hours to your CRAZY 12 hour day.”

See that wasn’t painful was it?


Remember it’s always about your audience, how you serve them and how you solve their problem. That dirty little word “MY” doesn’t quite answer any questions they will be asking.
While building your biz you are developing the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor. It’s a whole different ball game when it comes to your website. People from all around the world will be stopping by and one of your ultimate goals for biz will be for your ideal red carpet customers to connect with you.

It’s a great feeling when they do.

With gratitude & grace,







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